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One of the most common ingredient to use in cooking is garlic. The technique to use garlic can be raw or even cooked. Raw garlic is aromatic can be overpowered in smell when used, so be very careful if you decide to use raw garlic. If you decide to cook the garlic in stir-fry or roast do not over burned as well. Those over burned smell can be overpowered as well. 

How to purchase garlic

When purchasing garlic make sure all the bulb white skins are wrapped and intact tightly. Any black spots may indicate the garlic has started to rot. The easy way to check is by pressing the garlic if it is hard that means it is still good. Another way is by smelling the garlic, you will be able to differentiate if the garlic is still fresh.

How to store garlic properly

Store the garlic in dry room temperature. if you purchased the peeled garlic, store them in the fridge. The fresh garlic can stay up to couple weeks. For last much longer, you can store the garlic in the fridge.

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